Total Wine & More Gift Ideas for Birthdays, Holidays and Weddings

Champagne & Sparkling

Need a gift idea for an important colleague, a cherished friend or favorite family member? These noteworthy wines and top-shelf spirits will make a great impression.


Highly-Rated Under $100
Highly-Rated Under $50
Highly-Rated Under $25
Highly-Rated Under $10

Some of the most-skilled wine tasters out there like it enough to give it a score of 90 points or more! Highly-rated wine can bring a smile to any wine-lover's face.


Gifts Under $10
Gifts Under $25
Gifts Under $50
Gifts Over $50

We’ve got gift ideas in every price category, from fun cork baskets to serious wines and spirits.

Single Malt Scotch  
Highly Rated Vodka

Grab a gift that’s good to go, from our expertly selected and beautifully packaged wine gift baskets, Champagne gift baskets, spirits gift sets and beer gift sets.

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