Tucson (Park Place Mall), AZ – Meet the Team

Tim Burrows
Store Manager

Tim has been with Total Wine & More for over four years. He opened our Desert Ridge store in Phoenix then transferred to open our first Tucson store. Over the years, Tim has expanded his wine knowledge and loves to share his favorite wines with customers. He has travelled the California wine appellations and particularly loves big concentrated Cabernets from Napa Valley. Tim also has a passion for spirits, particularly scotch, and has been teaching the Tucson spirits classes for the past year.
Adam Brengle, Assistant Manager
Adam joined the Total Wine & More team four years ago when we opened our first Tucson store. Since joining the company, he has developed a passion for wine, has had the privilege of visiting Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Rioja, Bordeaux, the Rhône Valley, Burgundy and Champagne on the Total Wine & More wine-education trips. Adam is currently on his way to becoming a Total Wine Professional. Adam generally prefers dry reds, with a specific interest in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Barolo, but also enjoys the occasional glass of Champagne. Adam’s favorite thing about working at Total Wine & More is being in an environment where he can continue to develop his knowledge and passion of wine and, more specifically, sharing his knowledge with customers, giving him the opportunity to turn them on to something new.
Gil Fraijo, Wine Manager
Gil joined Total Wine 15 years ago on the East Coast when the company was just getting started. He has helped open eight new stores in Arizona and California and has served as Wine Manager in five of them as well as two wine stores in Maryland and Virginia. He lived and travelled in Europe for nine years while in the Air Force, studying and learning everything he could about wine and the wine industry. Gil has a vast knowledge of wine, spirits, and beer. He is considered a senior Wine Manager for Total Wine & More and conducts wine classes for both our associates and customers. He is a huge fan of wine from Bordeaux and California.
Patricia Wenzl, Wine Supervisor
Trisha has also been with Total Wine & More for four years. She came to us with nine years of wine and spirits retail management experience, where she conducted wine tastings and classes for her customers. Growing up in California, she had the opportunity to travel through much of the wine country there as well as the wine regions of Oregon. Her favorite wine regions are Northern Rhône, Champagne, Napa Valley, and Tuscany. Patricia is passionate about discovering and sharing new wines with customers.
John Cox, Spirits Associate
John began working at Total Wine & More in 2010. During his time with us, he has become well known in the Tucson community for his sense of humor, his beer and spirits knowledge, and his rousing beer classes. His travels have taken him throughout the United States to many Bourbon and American Whiskey distilleries. John specializes in whiskies and American craft beers. He has a particular passion for great beers of the world which happen to be packaged in cans.


Jessica Bradley, Assistant Manager
Jessica joined Total Wine & More two years ago as a front-end team member. Her passion for the wine and spirit industries soon had her on the sales floor full time, where she has spent the last year and a half working as the spirit associate for our first Tucson store. Jessica loves to share her newest wine discoveries with customers and to help them find the perfect wine for any event. Her varietal of choice is Chardonnay.
Celeste Johnson, Wine Associate
Celeste has been with Total Wine & More for more than two years. She started as a front-end team member, but her passion for wine soon had her moved to the floor as a wine associate. Prosecco is her all-time favorite wine, with its crisp fruitiness and big bubbles. Celeste is also very fond of red blends like Chappellet Cuvee and Brian Carter’s Abracadabra. Over the years she has travelled to Sonoma, vineyards in Connecticut, and the Arizona wine country in Sonoita and Sedona.


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