Husband and wife team Tim and Lani Holdener, who started the operation in the Lodi Appellation several years ago, have scoured California's premium vineyards to find the best grapes for over seven Zinfandels bottled and a handful of promising Italian varietals offered by Macchia.

It is a tried-and-true strategy for making exceptional wines that Tim Holdener says is at the heart of his winemaking philosophy.

"Winemaking technology has improved dramatically in the last two decades," Holdener explains. "But it is still the quality of the fruit you start with that ultimately determines how good your wine will turn out." We are passionate about our vineyards, "remember, it's all about the grape!"

Well aware of the potential for quality that was long ignored by many winemakers outside of the Lodi area, the Holdeners make a variety of different Zins, each sporting its own distinctive qualities.

In addition, Macchia offers other delicious varietals like Petite Sirah and Barbera-which have been turning the heads of a growing contingent of wine enthusiasts over several years; prices range from $18 to $38, which appeals to many who are just discovering the value of Lodi wines. The 2007 Macchia Barbera Delicious Lodi won a gold medal at the International Barbera competition in Italy.

Despite the long hours and hard work that come along with the romance of the wine business, the Holdeners say the venture remains a labor of love, and their many fans say it shows in the wine.

"Even if we had won the lottery, we would still be making wine," says Tim Holdener. "This is something we would be doing whether we got paid or not."

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