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Guide to Rose & Blush Wines

Glass of Rosé Wine
Rosé Wine

Definitely worth mentioning are the delicious and enjoyable rosé wines produced throughout southern Rhône. Dry wines come from the rosé cru appellation of Tavel, a few from Côtes-du-Rhône, and from Costières de Nîmes. Both rosé and blush wines have amazing red-fruit flavors that explode on the palate with lovely balance and acidity. They are the perfect wine for sipping on the deck or patio, and they pair beautifully with seafood and shellfish.

The dry wines of the Southern Rhône offer fresh red fruit flavors with relatively high alcohol and refreshing acidity. These wines are enjoyable to drink on their own during the warmer months but also pair beautifully with complex food selections.

Grape Type: Grenache, Cinsault

Aromas and Flavors: Floral, Strawberry, Cherry, Spice

Style: Fruity – Dry and crisp with a refreshing fruit

Food: Aperitif, Light Foods, Asian Cuisine

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White Zinfandel

With a fresh aroma of flowers and the fruits of strawberries, White Zinfandel has become a favorite choice of many wine consumers. An excellent selection for those just beginning to enjoy the pleasures of wine with its full fruit flavors and sweetness. Made from the Zinfandel grape, famous for producing some of California’s finest and robust red wines. White Zinfandel has become extremely popular in the last 15 years and since has drawn many to the enjoyment of wine. This wine is perfect with a picnic or as a cocktail aperitif. Serve White Zinfandel well chilled.

Aromas: Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry

Flavors: Cherry, Strawberry

Style: Sweet with a pleasant crispness

Food: Aperitif, Pasta Salads, Light Food

Regions: California

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