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One question we get all the time is “What do you use to take notes on a wine?” Well there are many “tasting sheets” as there are people to make them up. We have seen 100-point systems, 10-point guides, star systems, and every other imaginable scale used to rate wines! Many of us like to use striking descriptive words that portray wine as if it were something other than wine. As taste in wine is a very individual matter, the most important thing is how do you think about the wine and how do you record this in words.

The point is that taking notes on wines does two things. First, it helps you to develop the ability to describe wine in your own terms and second, it provides you with a diary of wines that you have had. By having a record of wines you have tasted and keeping track of wines and wine producers you like and dislike, it helps you recall wines much easier when buying or recommending to friends.

We have dedicated this section to helping you understand how to taste and describe wine in helping you enhance your enjoyment of wine. The two downloads below are tasting sheets we use in helping train our own staff on wine tasting. There is a sheet used for white wines and one used for red wines. Each tasting sheet has descriptor words that are common in red wine or white wines (peaches, pears, apples, cherries, etc.) to help.

Download (.pdf): Red Wine Tasting Sheet
Download (.pdf): White Wine Tasting Sheet

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