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Learning with Total Wine & More

Total Wine & More's wine and beer education courses are a fun and relaxed way to learn about the products in our store. Every month, our trained staff will help lead you through selections specially chosen to help you identify the similarities and differences between them. Held in our store's specially designed Education Centers, these classes will have you tasting like the experts do. Every class includes tasting sheets, educational materials and special product discounts (where allowed by law).

Learn About Wine Class Descriptions

$20 per Wine Class
8 Wine Selections
Tasting Sheets

Wine classes available at most locations. Visit Customer Service desk in-store or call store for details.
See Calendar for class scheduling details

Wine 101: The Fundamentals of Wine Tasting
This seminar is ideal for learning the basics of wine tasting. Attendees will learn how to identify the key components of a wine, how to score a wine like the experts, the proper temperatures to serve wine, how to identify the style of a wine that is most appealing to their palate and much, much more in our Wine 101 class. Oh… and the eight wines featured are delicious too.
A Blind Wine Tasting: What Wine Treasures Are Hidden Under that Bag?
Back by popular demand, this fun and thought provoking class offers a blind wine tasting of eight delicious wines. These wines are paired off and tasted blind for all to compare. Each pair, crafted from identical grapes but grown in different parts of the world, will battle to see which is preferred by all in attendance.
Oregon and Washington Wine Country: Walla Walla, the Willamette and Beyond
This tasting and seminar includes the wonderfully elegant white and red wines produced in the Pacific Northwest. Join us for a tasting of the elegant Oregon wine - Pinot Gris and Pinot Noirs produced within Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley. Stunning wines of Washington Wine Country are also presented, including top-notch Merlot, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon from famed appellations such as Walla Walla and Red Mountain.
Italy: Savor Tuscan Wines!
Tuscany is mentioned as one of the most romantic areas in the world in many books. It just happens to be one the most famous appellations in the world and among the Italian wine regions as well. Eight stunning wines are featured in this tasting with a heavy emphasis on reds. From Morellino di Scansano to the king, Brunello di Montalcino, discover why people not only fall in love with the area, they also fall in love with the Tuscan wines.
California Wine Regions: Discovering Gems Beyond the Napa Valley
This very popular class features stellar wines from California’s most famous wine regions beyond the Napa Valley. Sit back and enjoy an array of white and red wines from the Sonoma Counties, Amador and the wonderful wine growing areas of the Central Coast including Santa Barbara and appellation of the year winner, Paso Robles.
South American Wines: Discover the Sexy Wines of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay
This fun and education tasting and seminar will whisk you away with sexy wine to some very special wine-growing areas in South America. Stunning white and red South American wines of Chile and Uruguay will be presented in addition to some amazing Malbec. Discover some new and much touted appellations and why the world is now looking to South America for more than just value wines.
French Wine Regions: Tour de France… No Cycle Required
Experience the most famous French wine regions from the stunning and food-friendly wines of Alsace, to the marvelous wine crafted in the Loire Valley, to the elegant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Burgundy. This Tour de France tasting will take you on an unforgettable tour of France’s most famous wine- growing areas. Discover why Chateauneuf-du-Pape is the reigning king of the Southern Rhone Valley and why Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot thrive in Bordeaux. Which area will you award the yellow jersey?
Sweet Wines: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Added this year, this tasting and seminar will feature eight wines crafted from different areas throughout world but still have one thing in common … they are sweet! From the noble Riesling grapes thriving in Germany, to Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley to Moscato and Semillon, you are certain to discover new favorite sweet wines to satisfy that urge for something sweet.
Spanish Wines: A Spectacular Journey through the Spanish Wine Regions
The newest and hottest trends in wine consumption are the marvelous whites and reds produced in the amazing country of Spain, whether you are already a fan, or would like to learn more about the sexy wines crafted in Spanish wine regions. Rich in wine history and culture, this tasting and seminar offers up a wide variety of Spanish wines – from vibrant whites to elegant reds crafted in notable winegrowing areas such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero.
California: Napa Valley Wine Rocks!
Napa Valley offers amazingly diverse climates and soils within its 30-mile stretch between Napa and Calistoga. Discover dazzling white and red wines from the valley floor to the famous Cabernet Sauvignon thriving in the mountains. Napa Valley accounts for only 4% of all of the wine grown in California. Join us to see what makes this tiny piece of heaven so special! Just like Napa Valley wine, this class sells out quickly… sign up early!
Europe: A European Wine Vacation, No Passport Needed
Looking for a seminar and tasting which offers a great assortment and styles of European wine? This is the tasting and seminar for you. Join us for a wine trek through Europe as we open and pour an array of wines crafted within Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Austria. Sparkling, whites, reds and even port will be offered. No passport required.
France: Rediscover Bordeaux, the World’s Most Famous Wine Region
Bordeaux, the most famous wine-growing region in the entire world, is sure to impress during this tasting and seminar. From the famous Left Bank reds produced primarily with Cabernet Sauvignon to the elegant Merlot-based reds of the Right Bank, the eight selections are marvelous. Also included are some crisp and elegant whites of Bordeaux, produced primarily with Sauvignon Blanc.
Sparkling and Champagne and Sparkling Wine: Celebrate the Everyday
Nothing says “festive” more than a bottle of bubbly! This tasting and seminar is perfect for those looking to discover a sparkling wine that best suits their budget and palate. Eight sparkling wines will be tasted, including Cava, Crémant de Bourgogne and stunning selections from Champagne including a few stunning Grand Cru selections! Cheers!

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Learn About Beer Class Descriptions

$15 per Beer Class
12 Beer Selections
Tasting Sheets

Beer classes available at most locations. Visit Customer Service desk in-store or call store for details.
See Calendar for class scheduling details

Beer Styles & Smiles
We’re bringing our “Total Guide to Beer” out of the book and into your glass! Encounter your favorite beer flavors while enjoying a tasting tour of different brews from the beer style categories in this easy-reading book our beer style guide. It’s discovery that’ll bring a smile to your face.
Hoppy Beer IPA Fantasy
America’s love affair with hops cannot be satiated, but we’re going to try! For existing hoppy beer lovers and thrill seekers alike, arouse your taste buds in this India Pale Ale (IPA) excursion. Styles on the menu include: English IPA, Belgian IPA, American IPA, American Double/Imperial IPA, and other hoppy, juicy goodness.
Belgian Beer: Belgium’s Classic Ale Styles
Taste a variety of classic Belgian beer styles. Authentic Trappist and Abbey ales of Belgium will be featured along with beers from other countries whose brewers are offering accurate renditions of these timeless brews of Belgium.
Canned Craft Beer: A Good Kick in the Can!
Craft beer in cans? Oh yes, craft canned beer is the real deal and there are many choices! This class explores many of the canned craft brands and beer styles available in the market. Cans offer advantages, including the ability to take the beer to places where glass bottles are not allowed. It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road and join in a taste of some great canned craft beer!
Local Flavor
Craft beer has taken the country by storm. Today, there are nearly 2,500 craft breweries in the United States and the majority of Americans live within ten miles of a craft brewer. From Flying Dog to Dogfish Head, the common thread between craft brewers is innovation. Brewers are building upon traditional ingredients and styles, experimenting and inventing with new techniques and favor profiles.
Your Local Beer Expert’s Favorites
Our store teams are passionate about beer and everybody has some favorites. Be it a favorite brewery or style of choice, your local beer expert will guide you through his or her top picks. Feel free to check in with your local store for specific product selections, or keep it a surprise for the night of the event! Either way, come prepared to be impressed by your local beer expert’s knowledge and passion for the product.
Summer Solstice Beer: The Seasonal Beers of Summer
Although the calendar says the start of summer is still a month away, we’re feeling the warmth of the sun and getting ready to cool down with summer beer! Stay refreshed this season with our huge selection of summer seasonal brews. This Summer Solstice Beer class takes a thirst-quenching tour of the myriad summer offerings from craft breweries.
Support Your Local Craft Breweries
Sample the craft beer of local breweries. Selection will vary according to location.
Beerrelevance: A Tasty Excursion in Beer the History of Beer
A taste of ‘Old World’ brewing history with a side-by-side comparison of ‘New World’ beers. Savor classically-brewed beers from Germany, Belgium and England alongside North American beers brewed with inspiration from these Old World brewing styles. The past meets the present in this fun and flavorful history of beer tour!
Kick Back and Enjoy Your Local Beer Expert's Favorite Brews
Hear the views of a local brewer. Beer selection will vary according to location.
Autumn Equinox—Fall’s Beer Harvest
Fall is the wonderful season that brings us fall beer like Oktoberfest Lager and Pumpkin Ale. Enjoy a tasty exploration of the many interpretations of these classic fall beer styles, plus a taste of some other styles breweries offer for autumn’s seasonal beer bounty.
Strong Beers: Not Your Father’s Lagers & Ales
We’re pulling out some flavorful, strong beers for this class. This beer journey goes way beyond what your father probably had in the fridge. Taste a range of different color beers covering a wide, palate-smacking flavor spectrum.
Winter Warmers & Holiday Brews
Savor the flavor and mood of the colder weather and holidays with an array of winter beers and special-release beers that add warmth and spice to the season. Satisfy your winter palate with a selection of winter beers that can even warm a snowman’s heart.

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