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American Pale Wheat Ale

As American wheat beer brewers typically use an American ale yeast strain—or even lager yeast—American pale wheat ales often display notes of lemon, rather than the banana-like or clove-like flavors and aroma compounds found in Belgian Witbier and German Hefeweizen Ale yeasts. In fact, some American wheat beer brands have real lemon, lemon rind or lemongrass in their brews, and many are typically served with a lemon garnish. Their colors vary from straw to light amber, and these wheat beers are often summer seasonal releases, delivering crisp, wheat-like, citrusy, bready and light-bodied aromas and flavors.

Characteristics: Crisp, wheat, citrusy, bready, light-bodied
ABV range: 3.5-5.5% IBU: 10-35
Popular American Pale Wheat Ale brands: Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat, Bell’s Oberon Ale, North Coast Blue Star Wheat, Anchor Summer Beer, Boulder Sweaty Betty Blonde, Big Sky Trout Slayer Ale, Samuel Adams Summer Ale, Southern Tier 422 Pale Wheat Ale, Leavenworth Whistling Pig Hefeweizen
Serving Temperature: Cool, 46-54°
Cheese Pairing Ideas: Brick, Camembert, Chèvre, Mozzarella
Food Pairing Ideas: Salads with fruity or lemony vinaigrette dressings, lemon-accented poultry and light seafood.

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