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Introduction to Beer Styles


Let’s test your perceptions with a Beer Quiz. True or false?

1. Pale, golden-colored beers are all very light-bodied, low in flavor and best served ice-cold.
False! Pale-colored beers run the flavor gamut, from crisp to fruity to malty to hoppy to complex. They span the range of recommended serving temperatures and can pair well with much more than pizza and wings.

2. Dark beers are all full-bodied and bitter in flavor.
False! Dark-colored beers range from light- to full-bodied, and have flavor elements ranging from sweet malts to roasted malts to hop spicing. They can also be balanced and even quite complex, fantastic for pairing with dessert.

3. There is a beer that exists representing a style you don’t know, and this beer, and perhaps others, will bring positive enlightenment to what you think of when you think beer. It is possible to have such a beer epiphany. Your world view of beer can expand well beyond previous conceptions.

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