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Laughing Dog Brewing

Michelle and Fred Colby and Ben (the family dog) simply wanted to make hoppier beers when they launched the Laughing Dog Brewery in Ponderay, Idaho in 2005. That wish has evolved into an insatiable desire to craft beers of all flavors, with a focus on quality, purity and fun.

Ben’s loyal and relaxed attitude, appetite for quality food and constant desire for walks to complete his healthy lifestyle inspired the name of Laughing Dog Brewing, and Ben appears on many Laughing Dog beer labels.

Laughing Dog’s brewers are serious about the quality and consistency of their product, working carefully to make the experience the same, from concept to the tap or bottle, wherever the beer is available. The brewery operates a 15-barrel system using pure local Idaho water, which is ideal for brewing smooth, clean ales. With few exceptions, Laughing Dog uses only water, barley, hops and yeast in their beers. This simple and focused approach produces brews that are fresh, smooth, rich and full of flavor.

Laughing Dog beers include seasonals, such as Huckleberry Ale and Winter Ale, plus award-winning IPAs and stouts. Despite Laughing Dog’s growth, its motto remains the same as its very first day: to create “Fetchingly Good Beer.”

Source: Laughing Dog

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