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Schwarzbier is “black beer,” and indeed this German Lager style is generally very dark brown to almost black in color. But Schwarzbier’s hue may deceive the uninitiated, as it is a light- to medium-bodied lager, unlike most very dark and heavy ales, such as porters and stouts. A refreshing dark beer with smooth character and relatively low alcohol, Schwarzbier delivers malty aromas and flavors of chocolaty-caramel sweetness with hints of coffee. Roasty notes and mild Noble hops keep the sweetness in check. Schwarzbier’s very dark color and generally dry finish distinguish it from Munich Dunkel Lager.

Characteristics: Malty, roasty-sweet, earthy, light- to medium-bodied
ABV range: 3.8-5.5% IBU: 21-32
Popular Schwarzbier-style beers: Köstritzer Schwarzbier, Mönchshof Schwarzbier, Xingu Black Beer, Samuel Adams Black Lager, Fort Collins Kidd Lager, Saranac Black Forest Lager, The Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier, Shiner Bohemian Black Lager
Serving Temperature: Cool, 46-54°
Cheese Pairing Ideas: Gruyère, Munster
Food Pairing Ideas: Hearty, spicy foods, including roasted meats, barbecue and sausages

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