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Altamont Maui Waui 4pk-16oz Cans

California - American IPA - 6.5% ABV. A more tropical approach to your ""West Coast""style IPA; Maui Waui has proven to be one of our more popular beers! This single malt IPA is light in color & body; with a soft bitterness. The Mosaic and Citra hops give strong aromas & flavors of guava

Belgian-Style Ale, Belgian IPA

Altamont Maui Waui 4pk-16oz Cans

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Sacramento (Arden)
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Subtype / Style

A style born as much from American ingenuity and exploration as it is from storied Belgian beer tradition, Belgian IPA is the answer for enthusiasts who want hoppy IPA character combined with the complex, fruity, spicy character of Belgian Strong Pale Ales.

With several Belgian and American breweries creating their own interpretations, different Belgian IPAs show varying ratios of hoppiness to estery, spicy Belgian yeast character. The hop varieties, such as American Pacific Northwest and Noble, are the factor in the beer’s hoppy IPA character. Domestic versions display pungent American hops, and many Belgian examples show the more restrained Noble hop personality.