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Chimay Premiere Red 750ml

Belgium- Dubbel- 7% ABV. TRAPPIST ALE. Coppery in color, this beer gives off a light, fruity apricot aroma. The flavors perceived in the mouth confirm the fruity nuances noticed in the fragrance. The silky sensation to the tongue is made refreshing by a light touch of bitterness.

Malty, Fruity, Estery, Chocolaty

Chimay Premiere Red 750ml

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Deep amber to dark brown and topped by a creamy, dense, off-white head, Dubbel-style beers are typically rich and complex Belgian beers, highlighting a malty sweetness evocative of chocolaty caramel. Sometimes toasty – but not roasty or burnt – Dubbel’s malts yield room for a dark fruit character of plum, raisin and/or dark cherry, and for fruity yeast esters to show. Some Dubbel beer may have spicy yeast phenols, which contribute to complexity. Hop influence is normally low and very mild. While the ABV can be in the high single digits, the alcohol will be soft in aroma and flavor. Often bottle-conditioned, Dubbel may have an evident yeast haze.

Chimay beers have been brewed by Trappist monks at the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey in Chimay, Belgium, since 1862. The monks continue to develop the production of Trappist beers, following the monastic traditions of natural brewing, and make cheeses, with revenues supporting the operation of the abbey and the monks’ social-service projects.

Chimay bottles several beers in both traditional, 750-ml bottles with cork and wire closures and smaller, 11-oz. bottles. The first Chimay creation was Chimay Première, a copper-colored, 7 percent ABV beer. It’s known as Red Cap in the smaller bottle. A dark Chimay Christmas ale, first brewed in 1948, has become a year-round offering. With a powerful aroma and complex flavor and 9 percent ABV, it’s called Grand Reserve in the large bottle and Blue Cap in the smaller bottle. In 1966, Chimay created a Chimay Triple, labeled Cinq Cents in the large bottle. This 8 percent ABV golden colored beer combines sweetness and bitterness in a rare balance, and is dubbed White Cap in the small bottle.

Source: Bières de Chimay