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Allagash Windfall 375ml

Maine- American Wild Ale- 6.2% ABV. Thanks to an unlikely harvest of peaches, we created this tart, Brettanomyces-fermented beer. A trove of vibrant aromas include blood orange, peach, and ruby red grapefruit.

Belgian-Style Ale, Fruit Lambic

Allagash Windfall 375ml

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Sacramento (Arden)
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Subtype / Style

Fruit Lambics, which originated around Brussels, Belgium, are Lambic beers with fruit added during fermentation. The names identify the style of beer, such as Cherry Lambic (kriek), Raspberry Lambic (framboise), Peach Lambic (peche), Apple Lambic (pomme) and Blackcurrant Lambic (cassis). The fruit can dominate the flavor profile and may be reflected in the beer’s color as well. Moderate to high in acidity, Lambic fruit beers generally contain low to moderate sourness and might even impart a bit of earthiness. Carbonation adds to the perception of body. Framboise Lambic beers and other fruit-flavored lambics are perhaps the most well-known, popular and widely available style of Lambic beer in the United States today; however, adventurous U.S. beer lovers show growing interest in more traditional sour, unblended and Gueuze Lambics as their beer palates evolve.