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Epidemic Guilty Pleasures 4pk-16oz Cans

California- American Brown Ale- 7.3% ABV. Go nuts and enjoy a liquid slice of a beloved holiday staple - MAPLE PECAN PIE (but in a beer)! The toasted pecans, maple, and vanilla create a rich, toasty, and seasonal treat. Brewed in collaboration with Guilty Pleasures Bake Shop.

Brown Ale, American Brown Ale

Epidemic Guilty Pleasures 4pk-16oz Cans

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Sacramento (Arden)
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Subtype / Style

With roots in 20th century American home brewing, American Brown Ale draws inspiration from English Brown Ales. Characteristic of most American-style adaptations of Old World beer styles, American Brown Ales tend toward a bolder expression of the brown ale genre, but remain very approachable. Color ranges from copper to dark brown. American Brown Ale’s larger dose of hops than English versions – sometimes with the citrusy notes of American hop varietals – serves as a discernable balance to the sweet, rich, toasty, caramel, chocolaty malts that generally have a slight edge over complementary hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. This is a terrific style for those who like dark beers without the roasty, burnt, bitter character of most porters and stouts. ABV range is generally a bit higher in American Brown Ale beers than in English Brown Ales. Versions with an ABV above this range may be classified as Strong Ales.