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Newcastle Brown Ale 6pk-12oz Btls

USA- English Brown Ale- 4.7% ABV. Brewed with a unique blend of pale and roasted malts with American hops, Newcastle Brown Ale is smooth, crisp, and slightly roasty. Not too sweet. Not too bitter. Altogether an uncommonly balanced Brown Ale.

Brown Ale, English Brown Ale
Malty, Nutty, Caramel, Bready

Newcastle Brown Ale 6pk-12oz Btls

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English Brown Ales originated as bottled versions of Mild Ales, with two primary types. Southern English Brown Ale, or London Brown Ale, is dark in color, sweet and fruity and not well-known in the United States, as few examples are brewed today, and none is exported across the pond. Northern English Brown Ale, on the other hand, is the style most consumed across England today, as well as in other countries, due to the wide exportation of Newcastle Brown Ale. Another version widely available in the United States is Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale. Many American craft breweries offer an English Brown Ale-style beer as well. A reddish copper-brown brew, most English Brown Ale is certainly considered malty, yet it has a more balancing bitterness from Noble and English hops than its Southern English counterpart. Malt character casts a perceived nutty note in the aroma and flavor along with light caramel. The beer typically has a dry finish, and some versions may exhibit a toasty personality. ABV range is generally a bit higher in modern versions of this style than in Mild Ales.

In 1927, Col. Jim Porter created the recipe for Newcastle Brown Ale in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. First released in 1928, the ale quickly began earning awards, including the gold medal at the 1928 Brewers Exhibition in London.

Newcastle Brown Ale has traditionally been packaged in a clear bottle, highlighting its unique color. It’s the quintessential northern English Brown Ale, with aromas of toffee and caramel that continue on the palate, making this an incredibly drinkable dark ale.

Hops are regularly grown and used to brew beer in the south of England, but are little used in the beers of northern England (the ancestral home of Newcastle Brown Ale) and Scotland. Newcastle Brown Ale features fewer hops for a less-bitter taste and a blend of light and dark malts for a unique, smooth flavor.

Recent additions to the Newcastle label include Newcastle Bombshell, a seasonal blonde ale, and Newcastle Werewolf, a seasonal red ale.

Source: Newcastle