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Bud Light

Unquestionably Good.

Brewed from the finest ingredients on Earth, Bud Light is a popular brew with a clean, crisp taste. Introduced in the 80s, it's still as popular today as back then., Their newly launched hard seltzers are made with the same high-standards and ingredients.

Whether you want a beer or one of their new hard seltzers, you can trust that these products are made with dedication and commitment to ensure a great sip every time. It's just one of the reasons Bud Light is America's favorite light lager.

Four Ingredients. One Crisp Taste.


A special blend of hops gives Bud Light its aroma and slight bitterness.


An ancient grain, that's largely believed to be the first farmed grain in the world gives the malt character and golden color.


Bud Light is brewed with the purest water avilable. It's filtered through a multi-stage process.


Rice provides Bud Light with its distinctive crips, clean finish.

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Made with just four simple ingredients, Bud Light is the ideal beer for enjoying at any time of the year. Its crisp, clean distinctive taste make it a favorite among many.

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New from Bud Light is an easy-drinking hard seltzer with a hint of fruit flavor. Available in four different flavors—lemon–lime, mango, black cherry and strawberry—they're only 100 calories and less than 1g of sugar per can.