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Hevelius Kaper 16.9oz Btl

Poland- Euro Strong Lager- 8.7% ABV. Pours a crystal clear golden colour. Aromas of spicy noble hops, buiscuity caramel malt, hints of pepper, cloves, banana and lemon. The body is thick leading to sweet and alcohol flavors. Notes of molasses.

Crisp, Clean, Grainy, Alcohol

Hevelius Kaper 16.9oz Btl

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Sacramento (Arden)
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Euro Strong Lager is a somewhat rare style, though several examples are available in the United States. These imported big beers are typically higher-alcohol versions of a brewery’s standard lager, similar to American malt liquors. They contain more malt (rather than the rice or corn adjuncts used in American malt liquors) for fermentation, yet have relatively low hop levels. With colors that range from straw-gold to light copper, Euro Strong Lagers have a perceptible alcohol aroma, sweet grain and alcohol flavors, and no perceptible hop bitterness. With moderate head formation, they go down easily but do pack an alcoholic punch.

Lagers represent some of the most approachable, easy-drinking beer styles available, which contributes to Lager’s consumption edge over ale, despite the fact that ale styles are more numerous and were consumed thousands of years before lagering and cold-aging took hold.