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Berryessa Dangle Foot 4pk-16oz Cans

California- German Pilsner- 6.0% ABV. Cold Fermented, Cold Dry-hopped Italian Pilsner. Clean and smooth with a nice hoppy bite. Limited release, won't be around very long! We hope you enjoy!

German Pilsner

Berryessa Dangle Foot 4pk-16oz Cans

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Sacramento (Arden)
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Once Czech brewers introduced the popular Pilsner beer in 1842, Germans quickly set about brewing their own Pilsner-style pale lager. The naturally higher sulfate content in German water, compared to that of Plzen in the Czech Republic, generally gives German Pilsner beers more prominent hop bitterness than their Czech Pilsner counterparts. They also reveal more Noble hop flavors and aromas amid a lighter body, with a paler color and a crisp mouth-feel. While German Pilsners may express a grainy malt background, German lager yeast that contributes little to no esters to the brew helps craft a clean, refreshing character.

Lagers represent some of the most approachable, easy-drinking beer styles available, which contributes to Lager’s consumption edge over ale, despite the fact that ale styles are more numerous and were consumed thousands of years before lagering and cold-aging took hold.