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Hard Coffee is a Hit

Coffee has always gone well with spirits and liqueurs—what’s an Irish coffee without whiskey? Or Bailey’s Irish Cream? Even now, espresso martinis remain incredibly popular all over the country. It makes sense, then, that distillers and brewers are cutting out the proverbial middle man and getting into the hard coffee business themselves. And the results, as you might expect, are delicious.

What is a hard coffee?

Hard coffee—sometimes called alcohol coffee—is any coffee beverage that has been combined with wine, spirits, beer, or liqueur. With the increasing popularity of hard coffee in all its many multiplying forms, there are more options than ever before. These options include coffee beer (which is the same as hard coffee beer, check out PBR hard coffee for a great example), hard cold brew, spiked coffee, and more.

Where does hard coffee come from?

Hard coffee can come from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not coffee beans grow there. These days, it seems as if the United States and Ireland are leading the charge, but hard coffee is being produced around the world.

How is hard coffee made?

Hard coffee is usually made by infusing coffee into a beer, spirit, or liqueur. However, some hard coffees are made by combining the two, and some coffee liqueurs have existed for a long time and are considered to be the original hard coffee.

What are popular brands of hard coffee?

There are countless brands of hard coffee, including PBR (Also known as Pabst Hard Coffee), La Colombe Hard Cold Brew, La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Vanilla, Brown Bomber Hard Coffee, and many more.

What kind of alcohol is in hard coffee?

It depends on what kind of hard coffee you’re talking about. There are hard coffees with beer, whiskey, vodka, flavored liqueur, and more. Check the ingredients on the product you’re considering before making a decision.

What is in PBR hard coffee?

Coffee beans, sweetened vanilla flavoring, milk, and malt liquor. It has 5% alcohol by volume.

Does Pabst hard coffee have caffeine?

Yes, it does have caffeine—30mg of it in every 11-ounce can, according to CNN.

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