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Swamp Head Wild Night Honey Cream Ale 6pk-12oz Cans

Florida- Cream Ale- Pours a yellow golden hue. ""We add local honey to a traditional cream ale, and a touch of hops to update this American classic. Enjoyable anytime you're thirsting for a crisp, clean beer, our honey cream ale is what light beer should be.""

Crisp, Malty, Grainy, Sweet

Swamp Head Wild Night Honey Cream Ale 6pk-12oz Cans

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Boca Raton
Aisle 11, Left
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Beer Type

Brewers generally ferment this beer at a warm temperature and follow with cold conditioning (lagering), using either ale or lager yeast (thus its hybrid classification). Large commercial brewers generally use corn or rice adjuncts for a light body, while craft brewers typically use 100 percent malt for more body and flavor. The colors of Cream Ale brands range from pale straw to light amber. Hop aroma, flavor and bitterness are relatively low, with pale malt aroma and flavor shining through. Fruity yeast esters, typical of ales, are generally tempered by the cold conditioning, and the best Cream Ales have a smooth, creamy texture on the finish, befitting the style name. Very approachable and easy to drink, many Cream Ale offerings from craft breweries are seasonal, not available year-round.