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Build Your Bar

Every at-home bar needs the essential tools and spirits on hand to make any drink at any time. Total Wine & More has everything you need to stock your bar at home.


Essential Spirits

These spirits will help you make any cocktail you need. Essential for your home bar!

All about Whiskey

Whiskey is made from fermented grain mash. Varius grains are used for different varieties, including, barley, corn rye, and wheat. Whiskey is typically aged in wooden caskes, generally made of charred white oak. Whiskey can be made in many countries which leads to many different flavor profiles.


Ireland, Scotland

Food Pairings

Grilled Steak, Smoked Salmon, Cheese

ABV range


Serving Temperature

60-65 degrees F


Bar Tools

Bar tools make preparing any drink easier. Here are our recommendations to stock your bar with the necessities.