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Get the home-field advantage

Make beer and snack pairings part of your game plan so you can kick back at kickoff.


Potato chips and Lager—a classic

The salty favorite snack goes with just about any brew, but Lager makes the combo magical. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Hard seltzer favorites tackle Mexican flavors

From tacos to nachos and beyond, Mexican flavors are best friends with citrusy and fruity hard seltzers. Bonus: they’re perfect for people steering clear of gluten.

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Take pizza to the next level

When you pair your pie topping with just the right brew, it’s a game changer. Go for an Extra Special Bitter when you’re sticking with the classic cheese. Think bold, hoppy IPAs for veggie toppings, and open up a Scotch Ale to make a three-meat pizza sing.

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Wings and beer—a winning play.

When it comes to pairing beer with wings, it’s all about the sauce. Whether you’re serving mild, medium or hot sauce with your wings, IPAs and Pale Ales play both offense and defense.

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Team up chili with IPA

Bold, hoppy IPAs really shine when paired with complex dishes like chili-- bringing out the best herby flavors of the game day favorite.

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