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  • Tips for Planning a Big Game Party
  • Tips for Planning a Party for the Big Game

    Football fans, young and old, look forward to that special Sunday when the Big Game is on, drinks are flowing and delicious food and snacks fill up the dining room table. Big Game Day parties are always fun to host and attend, as the energy is high and folks are in great spirits, especially when their team is winning. If you're playing host to this year's festivities and looking for Big Game Day party ideas, or if you're a guest in search of a great host or hostess gift, consider some of these tips to ensure a successful event.

Considerations When Planning for Your Big Game Day Party

When playing host or hostess to a Big Game Day party, food and drink are often at the top of the list. According to some estimates, the amount of beer drank on Big Game Day is about 325 million gallons. While chances are you probably won't have enough guests to match that whopping number, it's always a good idea to stock up on beer, wine, soft drinks, water and spirits prior to the big day to keep your guests' whistles wet and avoid a liquor store run during the game. When planning your party menu, you'll want to include a few vegetarian-friendly items to ensure there's something for everyone to nosh on, and make sure to purchase your food in amounts that match up with your number of guests. Timing is also something to consider — do you want guests to arrive just before the game starts, or are you considering a brunch followed by some live football? By taking the time to plan ahead, your party is sure to get off to a great start.

Fun Ideas for Decorations

Fun decorations create a great ambiance when everyone's gearing up for that first touchdown. Feeling creative? Get in the game and design your own! Football-themed Mason jars painted in green, brown and black to resemble footballs and sports field turf are always a hit. You can also print game day paper chains directly from your computer. One of the tastiest ideas is piecing together a "snack stadium" filled with cheese, meats, dips and more. Snack stadiums are easy to put together with bin boxes, a large pan and spice racks, and you can decorate the outer areas with football-themed printouts. Additional decor ideas include handmade turf banners and football field tablecloths made with green felt and simple white duct tape.

Big Game Day Beverages and Football-Themed Snacks

Football-themed beverages and snacks really rev up Big Game Day parties and help bring out the team spirit in every guest. This punch is the perfect signature game day cocktail, as it consists of a refreshing blend of vodka, limeade and club soda. The green hue is reminiscent of artificial turf, while the crisp combination of vodka and lime is sure to perk up your senses. Beer margaritas offer the best of both worlds, while beer sangria brings in a festive touch. For a tasty game day snack, consider a football-shaped cheese ball complete with white cheese laces up top. If you're planning to serve meatballs or chicken wings, these popular snacks can easily be transformed into football-friendly munchies with the addition of football banner toothpicks that dress up the food and serve as handy holders.

Game Day Host and Hostess Gifts

When you're a guest, it's always nice to consider the host and bring along a gift to show your appreciation. Impress your host or hostess with a fantastic football-themed gift such as a jersey or T-shirt of their favorite team or a football designed with team colors. Alternatively, opt for a snack-filled gift basket or a sampler pack of their favorite brew.


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