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    Sparkling & Champagne 101

    Planning a party, looking for the perfect hostess gift or simply wish to learn a little more about the most elegant beverage in the world? Check out Total Wine's featured pieces on all things bubbly to find out how to make delicious champagne cocktails, pick out fantastic bubbly-themed gifts, take a trip back in time to learn about the origins of champagne and much more.

Top French Champagne

Champagne is the perfect complement to brunch, evening celebrations and intimate gatherings with friends. Total Wine's top choices for bubbly include; De Margerie Grand Cru Brut, a crisp, clean blend of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnays with a nose of red fruit; and Montaudon Brut, a dry champagne with flavors of apricot tart, blackberry pate de fruit and chopped hazelnut.

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Top Prosecco

A favorite bubbly for many, this Italian beverage offers a touch of extra fizz thanks to its unique steel tank fermentation process. If you're looking for the perfect Prosecco for your next gathering, Total Wine recommends, La Vostra, a delicate bubbly with notes of delicious apple, white peach and honeysuckle; Tesoro della Regina, a brisk bubbly with a green almond scent and Rivata, an off-dry peachy almond Prosecco with a hint of white flowers

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Top Cava

Cava is Spain’s contribution to the world’s great sparkling wines. Typically dry and crisp, the highest quality Cavas can stand with sparklers produced anywhere in the world and often for a fraction of the price. Total Wine's top picks for cava wines include Rondel, a cava with notes of soft peach, nutty flavors and white lilies; and Conde de Caralt Brut NV Cava, a mild cava with citrusy mouthfeel and hints of lime and tangerine.

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Top Sparkling Wine

You deserve some sparkle in your life, and these sips add the perfect amount. Becuase these are some of our favorite sparkling wines, we know they're worth bragging about. Grab them for your holiday gatherings and get-togethers. These bottles pair well with good food and even better conversation! Whether you’re hosting a brunch or creating a big-batch punch for a special party, you’ll be sure to pop open some fun.

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Top Pink Champagne & Sparkling Rosé

Of course, rosé is great on its own, but add a little sparkle and we’re talking serious magic! This pink bubbly will win over any crowd with its gorgeous hues and great flavors. So if you're hosting a holiday dinner or searching for a gift to bring to the host, start thinking pink.

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Top Moscato

Moscato is not just an Italian favorite. It's also increasingly popular worldwide, with Californian, Australian and South American winemakers now producing Moscato wines in the Italian style.Whle Moscato pairs well with most dishes, you'll find that given its sweet to semi-sweet taste, it's extra delicious with desserts.

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Top Sparkling Ciders

Sparkling ciders are the perfect complement to a summer brunch or a holiday meal for anyone who enjoys the bubbly without alcohol. Crafted with fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, pears and peaches, these refreshing beverages are a must-have alcohol alternative for any party or event. Total Wine suggests Martinelli's sparkling ciders in apple, apple and grape, and apple and peach.

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Flutes & Accessories

No party or afternoon wine soiree is complete without the perfect flutes and accessories. Choose stemless flutes for a modern touch, or go with the classic cachet flutes by Luminac for a more elegant setting. If you're planning to gift a bottle of champagne to a friend or loved one, dress the bottle up in a fun custom gift bag, and make sure to include a festive label card.

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Champagne and sparkling wine symbolize celebration and every day offer a reason to celebrate. From ringing in the New Year with a bubbly toast to enjoying a glass or two with your best girlfriends during a celebratory brunch, these sparkling beverages have a place at any occasion. Total Wine brings together the top-reviewed sparkling wines and champagnes for a collection that is sure to add some extra sparkle to your next party, wedding or special event.

Choosing the Right Glassware

Tall, unornamented flutes are the best glasses for serving champagne, as their elongated shape traps the bubbles longer while letting them float upwards in the glass. While saucer-style glasses with shorter stems, referred to as coupes, are also popular with large groups at New Year's parties and weddings, their wide, short form can lead to quick dissipation of fizz and fragrance. Etched flutes with thicker glass are aesthetically pleasing, but the thick glass makes it a bit difficult to enjoy the visual experience of the bubbles and champagne.

How to Serve Champagne Just Right

If you need a few tips on how to serve champagne to your guests, it's all about opening and pouring. The best way to open a bottle is to hold the cork in place when removing the wire cage and hold onto the cage when untwisting the cork. Once you hear that distinctive champagne pop, allow the fizz to spill out a bit, and then fill each glass approximately one-third full. This helps prevent the champagne from getting warm too fast as your guests sip away. Between pours, it's always a good idea to place a bottle stopper inside the opening to ensure your delicious bubbly doesn't fall flat.

The Perfect Temperature

According to the experts, the best champagne temperature is between 47 and 50 degrees Celsius; this is because the aroma tends to dissipate when served at colder temperatures, and the champagne can taste slightly heavy when served warmer. To chill your champagne to perfection, either place the unopened bottles in a bucket of ice for thirty minutes or lay them down on the bottom shelf of the fridge for about four hours.


Toasting is a pretty personal thing, so there's really no right or wrong way to perform a toast. However, if you're planning on toasting to a special person and have a speech prepared as opposed to an impromptu raising of the glass, make sure you've memorized what you're going to say to ensure you don't leave out any funny anecdotes or special tributes to the honoree. A few etiquette tips to follow when toasting include not taking a drink until everyone in the group drinks, going gently when clinking your glass to avoid breakage and raising your glass no matter what, even if it's empty.

Mix It Up With Cocktails and Mimosas

While there's no doubt that champagne is deliciously satisfying on its own, there's nothing wrong with mixing it up a little and offering cocktails or mimosas at your holiday soiree. Mimosas consist of equal parts champagne and orange juice, which makes them extremely popular "daytime drinks" for brunches and afternoon gatherings. Classic champagne cocktails are an elegant alternative to a simple glass of bubbly and consist of champagne, bitters and a sugar cube at the bottom of each glass, and you can also kick it up a notch with a festive sparkling limoncello cocktail made with equal parts champagne, limoncello and strawberries.

Whether you're serving champagne at an intimate family gathering or a big end-of-the-year bash, presentation is always important. From choosing the right glassware and preparing a memorable toast to chilling your bubbly to the perfect temperature and having a few cocktail recipes up your sleeve, these little things all add up to ensure you host an unforgettable party.