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  • MImosa, sliced orange, slice apricot, mint leaves
  • Mimosas and Bellinis—always in season

    Fling into spring with these fun, fresh recipes.

The Classic Mimosa

The mimosa is the perfect brunch beverage—it’s refreshing, light and lively. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to prepare, so you can spend more time at the table with your guests and less time in the kitchen. A classic mimosa blends sparkling wine with orange juice. While many recipes call for Champagne, this fruity cocktail actually work just as well with a sparkling wine such as Prosecco or Cava. Prosecco, with its almond and citrus notes, brings a beautiful complexity to a mimosa, while Cava adds a light, bright taste to the drink.

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The classic Bellini

This classic Italian cocktail is a breeze to prepare. Simply mix sparkling wine with peach purée. You can also use peach nectar, and for a sweeter drink, stir in a splash of simple syrup. Traditionally, Bellinis are made with Prosecco; a crisp, fruity wine that sets off the peach flavors.

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The Beermosa

There's no better drink to pair with brunch than a Beermosa. This tasty, elevated twist on the classic Mimosa typically includes wheat ales. This sip is perfect for both beer lovers and non-beer lovers because it combines brews with orange juice, Vodka and Champagne, which means you get the best of both (and in this case, all three) worlds.

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Juices & Purées

Dare to be different by offering orange juice alternatives—pineapple, mango and pomegranate juice are particularly delicious. The day before your brunch, freeze fresh peach slices, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries to use as garnishes. As the fruit thaws, it releases both color and flavor into the drinks.

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The glass matters, especially when it comes to sparkling wine and cocktails. We're sharing some of the best flute glasses for your favorite brunch sips. Not only do they add to the deliciousness of your drink, but they look good, too!

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