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Two Weekends of Tastings

Experience the diverse wines of the Southern Hemisphere with two weekends of tastings at your local store. Tastings will be held Thursday through Sunday on August 11-14 and August 18-21. Head to your nearest Total Wine & More for more details.

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Explore Wines of the Southern Hemisphere

The Southern Hemisphere offers some of the most delicious and affordable wines in the world. With its range of grapes and climates, the variety of wines produced south of the Equator is unparalleled.

  • Argentina
  • Argentina

    Argentina is the largest wine producer in South America, best known for its Malbec and Cabernet.

    Cabernet Sauvignon: Rich and polished with ripe flavors of blackberry, plum and black pepper

    Malbec: Plum and cherry notes with aromas of coffee, vanilla and chocolate

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  • Australia
  • Australia

    Australia produces both easy-drinking, everyday wines and age-worthy, collectible wines.

    Cabernet Sauvignon: Medium- to full-bodied wines that feature refined dark fruit flavors

    Malbec: Aromas and flavors of blackberry, dark cherry, chocolate and licorice

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  • Chile
  • Chile

    Chile receives fresh breezes from the Pacific Ocean and Andes mountains, creating ideal conditions for world-class wines.

    Sauvignon Blanc: Fresh and crisp with flavors of pineapple and lime

    Cabernet Sauvignon: Aromas of chocolate and tobacco with flavors of blackcurrant and berries

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  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand

    A unique geographical location in the South Pacific and a modern winemaking approach make New Zealand’s wines some of the most popular in the world.

    Sauvignon Blanc: Aromatic and vibrant with bold flavors of gooseberry, tropical fruits and lime

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  • South Africa
  • South Africa

    Cool ocean winds from the south help create a Mediterranean-like climate in the Western Cape – South Africa’s primary winemaking region.

    Cabernet Sauvignon: Bold and savory with flavors of black pepper and blackcurrant

    Chenin Blanc: Zesty and bright with aromas and flavors of apple, honeydew and apricot

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  • Uruguay
  • Uruguay

    This South American nation carries Old World winemaking in its DNA, which joins with the New World, Southern Hemisphere setting to produce excellent and interesting wines.

    Tannat: Full-flavored red wines with notes of dark fruit, cranberry and spice

    Torrontés: Flavors of peach and citrus with an elegantly aromatic floral bouquet

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