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Account Settings

How do I change my user name or password?

You may update your user name or password by visiting the My Account page.

Email Settings

How do I change my promotional email, newsletter or event notification preferences?

Near the bottom of our promotional emails, newsletters and event notifications is a link to "Update Your Profile." Click the link to change your email settings, including preferred store and mailing address.

You may also update your email address, email preferences, preferred store, and contact information by signing into your online account here.

How do I sign up to receive emails?

Visit our Sign Up page to take advantage of a variety of special offers, event notifications, coupons, limited time discounts and more.

How do I opt out of emails?

Click the "Unsubscribe" link near the bottom of all our promotional emails, newsletters and event notifications.

Shopping List

How do I use the shopping list feature?

Our shopping list is designed to help you make your trip to our store faster, easier and more enjoyable. Once you’ve created an account at, you can:

  • Add products: When you see a product on our site you’d like to purchase in store, add it to your shopping list by clicking the "Add to shopping list" button on the page.
  • Share: Send your friends your wine recommendations or party-planning needs. Click the "Email" button to send the list.
  • Print: Click the "Print" button for a list that includes product names, prices and the location of the product in the store aisle.
  • Save: Save your list for your next visit.

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