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IPAs come in an amazing range of styles. They can be deep golden in color, amber or even copper. They range from clear to cloudy. You can enjoy flavors of bread, caramel citrus and even pine. Many IPAs also have a fruity character, but be warned, they can also be dry and bitter. One thing is certain: You’ll find IPAs to fall in love with.

American-Style IPA

These are bold beers, with alcohol content on the higher side and hops that are elevated over American Pale Ales. Often citrusy and piney, American-style IPAs feature intense hops.

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Session IPA

Crafted in a lighter style with a lower alcohol content, session IPAs are flavorful, easy-to-drink beers with a strong malt taste and a high hop quality.

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Hazy / New England IPA

Hazy or New England IPAs have a cloudiness and some hints of tropical fruit juice. Like other IPAs, they present a high hop aroma and flavor. Unlike many IPAs, they have a lower bitterness and a softer texture.

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Double / Imperial IPA

This is the category for high hop IPAs , which can range from balanced and complex to highly bitter. These high ABV beers can pack a punch, but can also reveal layers of fruit, malt and hoppy character.

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