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Mixology with Molly

Meet our very own Mixologist. Molly’s on board to help you whip up cocktails like a pro. She’s got more than a few tips, tricks and recipes up her sleeve to help you master the basics, sharpen your skills and get out of your cocktail comfort zone. Let’s get shaking.

Meet Molly!

Not only is she an expert Mixologist, she’s a Certified Sommelier (really!) and obsessed with Tiki cocktails—flavorful, playful and easy to swap out ingredients. You’re only limited by your imagination!


Over a decade of shaking things up

Favorite Cocktail

Anything with Gin

Go-to garnish

Hibiscus bloom

Must-have bar tool


Two Stars Eggnog

Good ol’ southern recipe for a ready to drink, creamy, classic nog with the spirited trio of Kentucky Bourbon, Brandy and Caribbean Rum. Nothing says festive quite like it.

Behind the bar with Molly

"I take pride in my home made ingredients, but this ready-to-pour, rich and thick eggnog is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of spice and a little warmth from the spirits. I could sip this all night, neat or on the rocks."

Molly, straight up

Get to know another side of our Mixologist.

After hours

Hanging out with a Gin Rickey in one hand and a sci-fi page-turner in the other.

Desert Island—Pick 3 ingredients

Easy. Lime juice, simple syrup, Gin

Favorite Movie Bar Scene

The spaceship bar in Passengers. Bartender bonding with guests—classic!

More Molly-Approved Favorites

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