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  • Tour European wine!

    Whether you want rich and robust or light and fruity, you can find your style in the European section. Start your tour with some fantastic French wines and taste your way through Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal. Enjoy your journey!

Fresh from France

France’s legendary wine regions have set standards that inspire winemakers around the world. The best French wine regions are so celebrated that their names—Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne—are familiar to the most wine drinkers.

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Ideally Italian

Italy’s traditional and modern styles reflect the diversity of its many winemaking regions and the more than 1,000 grape varieties that thrive there. It's well known for sparkling like prosecco!

Explore Italian Wines

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Sip Spain & Portugal

Spain is full of quality wines in all sorts of styles and Portugal has been producing Port--its most well known wine--since the 1600s.

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Awesome Austria & Germany

The majority of Germany’s top wines are made from spectacular Riesling grapes. They come in all sorts of styles so be sure to try more than one. Austrian wines are a hidden gem not to be missed!

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