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What's on the calendar? Whether it's a simple dinner for your favorite couple, game day with a dozen pals or a formal event for 100 or more, you'll need to decide which wine, beer and spirits to serve!

Count on guests consuming two drinks in the first hour of your event and one drink during each following hour. Are you serving wine, beer and spirits? The general rule of thumb is 50 percent of your guests will prefer wine, 30 percent will prefer beer and 20 percent will prefer mixed drinks.

Simply offering wine and beer? Plan on 60 percent of your guests drinking wine and 40 percent drinking beer.

Use our easy drink calculator to determine how much wine, beer and spirits you’ll need for your gathering.

Wedding Celebration Toast
Wine Party Planning
Beer Planning
Spirits Party Planning

We can help make the party planning easy. Total Wine & More has the largest selection of wine, beer and spirits available – and our team members have the expertise to help you find just what you need for party drinks.

Tell us what you’re planning for dinner, and we will recommend wines to complement the meal perfectly. Let us know who’s stopping by for the big game, and we’ll suggest beverages to keep everybody happy. Give us the details on your formal affair, and we’ll help calculate how much you need and how to stay on budget.

Here are a few tips to get you thinking. When you stop by your local store, ask any Total Wine & More team member to help with party planning – or call to schedule an appointment, if you like. Shopping from home? Just keep reading for some helpful ideas for how to plan a party. We want to be sure you and your guests have a great time at your next get-together.

Enjoy Responsibly
As you plan for wine, spirits and beer at your party, be sure to have plenty of water, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests. Make sure everyone who’s drinking has food to eat, and that no one who is drinking will be driving.