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  • Four glasses of wine held above a table decorated with Fall decor
  • With sparkling, the possibilites are endless

    No matter what's on your table, we've got the bubbly to match--and to mix in cocktails.

Better with brut

Turns out the nutty flavor in Brut plays nicely with crispy, buttery fried food. Want something a little meatier? Try it with steak. The acidity of the bubbly cuts through the richness of the dish.

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Delish with dry

Dry sparkling is a tad sweeter than Brut, which makes it a natural to show off the subtle sweetness of lobster. But the crisp flavors also tee up the savory-ness of roast chicken.

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Pink, please!

Sparkling Rosé’s fruity flavors balances out salty, smoky and spicy. Think cured meats and Indian curry.

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Sparkling Cocktails

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