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Esme Gin 750ml

France- Esme Gin is a modern spin on the traditional botanicals found in London Dry Gin; a botanical blend of juniper, spice and infusions of cucumber and rose petals, giving the classic martini and gin and tonic cocktail an unmistakably elegant French twist.

Crisp, Juniper, Rose, Coriander, Balanced

Esme Gin 750ml

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Gin Fizzle

Cocktail Recipe

2 oz. gin

3 oz. club soda

1 oz. orange liqueur

Orange slice to garnish

Pour gin into glass with ice. Add orange liqueur and club soda. Stir well. Garnish with orange slice.

Esmé, a variation on the French for “esteemed,” is vodka made with wheat grown in the chalky soils of France’s Champagne region. It’s distilled five times with spring water that cascaded over porous limestone – a natural purifier.

Esmé has been awarded gold medals in the prestigious San Francisco and Los Angeles spirits competitions.

Use this excellent vodka as the foundation for a silky smooth cocktail, or enjoy neat

The distinctive, lively character of gin comes from juniper and other botanicals, added to a base of neutral spirits.

Juniper gives gin its strong and refreshing herbal profile, but adding other botanicals allows producers to design an unlimited number of gin flavors. What are botanicals? They’re plant-based flavoring agents such as coriander (spicy), angelica root (earthy), dried citrus peels (fruity), caraway seeds, aniseed, cocoa, almonds, vanilla and many more.