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What is Indian liquor?

Since ancient times, Indian liquor has played a spirted part in Indian culture, especially the ever-popular ‘desi daru,’ a drink distilled from molasses alcohol derived from the sugarcane of rural India. Fast-forward to contemporary times, premium India alcohol options are fast emerging, especially in the whiskey and scotch category.

Due in large part to a tremendous increase of travel to and from India in recent years, the awareness and popularity of Indian liquor have exploded. However, many beverage lovers are still in the dark as to the full offerings of Indian spirits.

What are popular types of Indian Liquor?

India produces a wide variety of spirits (liqour), some to help detract form the heat of the country and some to capitalize on the native spices and herbs to the region. Some of the most popular spirits coming from India include:

Given how spicy Indian cuisine can be, many Indians may enlist a high-proof, yet palate-friendly native classic spirit to detract from the heat, one such as their Amrut Cask Strength single-malt whiskey. But if craving spicy notes, explore the cinnamon and cracked pepper ones in an Indian scotch like Paul John Single Malt Classic Select Cask. Or, for an experience that screams ‘Made in India,’ try a coconut toddy, a traditional favorite that originates from the sap of the coconut tree.

Indian gin has caught global interest because of its more floral notes. Since juniper, the main ingredient in gin isn’t grown much in India, distillers there have turned to other botanicals such as clove and familiar Indian herbs to brighten up their gin market and keep those Indian gins pouring.

When you think of rum, your mind probably heads straight to the Caribbean, right? But what if we told you Indian rum had a pretty sweet reputation, too? Given all of the region’s sugarcane, it’s easy to believe accounts of rum being first made in India. Many people are also unaware that India began supplying Australia with Bengal rum, which first put Indian rum on the map.

Where does Indian liquor come from?

Aged rum, floral gin, classic whiskey, and scotch styles are favorite spirits made from Indian alcohol and exported across the globe. As India’s wealth has grown, so has the production of several additional kinds of Indian spirits.

What are some of the most popular liquor brands from India?

Spirits from India are not abundant in the United States, as they must be brought into the country for retailers to order through an importer. That said, Total Wine & More does it's best to have the best available stock of alcohol from India, including popular brands like:

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