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The Spirits of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is most famous for its delicious rums, and justifiably so: They are some of the finest in the world. But other great spirits and liquors are produced there as well, including the famous coquito, which has legions of passionate fans around. And why not? With its combination of rum and coconut, it's incredible!

What is Puerto Rican liquor?

Puerto Rican liquor is any spirit or liquor that's made in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican rum—from Puerto Rican white rum to the dark, beautifully aged rums of the island—is some of the best in the world and will make any cocktail that calls for rum memorably delicious.

What rums are made in Puerto Rico?

What are popular brands of Puerto Rican liquor? Puerto Rico is home to countless standout liquor brands, but among the most popular are the rums from Bacardi, Largo Bay, Rum Haven, Ronrico, and Havana Club. Even though, despite the name, some bottlings are made in Cuba itself, too.

What liquor is made in Puerto Rico?

Rum is by far the most popular, but coquito is also produced in Puerto Rico, as is pitorro, which is often referred to as Puerto Rico's version of moonshine. But you really won't find that for sale in licensed liquor stores.

What is the most popular drink in Puerto Rico?

Piña coladas, daiquiris, and mojitos are perennial favorites in Puerto Rico, but if you've never tried a coquito, then you should remedy that immediately.

What alcohol is used in coquito?

A coquito is traditionally made with homemade (and illegal) rum called pitorro. Still, you can find excellent versions around Puerto Rico made with white rum, coconut milk, condensed milk, cinnamon, and other spices. Or, you can stop by your local Total Wine and pick up a bottle of Bacardi Coquito, which is every bit as delicious and infinitely easier (and more affordable) than making your own.

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