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Coconut Rum Comes of Age

When it comes to flavored rum, coconut has always been among the most popular options. This is because of its flat-out deliciousness on its own, as well as the seemingly infinite variety of mixed drinks that it can be a key component of. Let’s take a look at what makes it so unique.

What is coconut rum?

Coconut rum is a rum that’s been crafted to taste like coconut. This can be accomplished in any number of ways, from natural infusions that you can create at home to the (easier) option of buying a great one at Total Wine.

Where does coconut rum come from?

Coconut rum can be produced in any country where rum is made. From Jamaica and Barbados to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and beyond, coconut rum has become a staple of the international rum industry.

How is coconut rum made?

Generally speaking, coconut rum is produced by incorporating a flavoring agent into already distilled rum. Some of these are natural, and others are artificial, but what ties them together is that they all tend to be delicious.

What are popular brands of coconut rum?

There are many popular coconut rum brands, but some of the most beloved are Malibu rum, Parrot Bay rum, Rum Haven, Captain Morgan coconut rum, Bacardi coconut rum, Cruzan co-conut rum, Blue Chair coconut rum, and Loconut rum by Captain Morgan.

What is the best coconut rum?

Among all the coconut rum brands, everyone seems to have their favorite. The Malibu coconut rum price makes it a perennial favorite—it’s amazing how affordable this fantastic rum is—but others offer the same sense of value and quality.

What goes good with coconut rum?

Simple coconut rum drinks that have little more than coconut rum and fruit juice are excellent, as are coconut rum and Sprite, coconut rum punch, and even coconut rum and Coke. Coconut rum is an incredibly versatile product that takes well to a massive range of juices, sodas, fruits, and spices.

Is Malibu rum the same as coconut rum?

The original Malibu rum is coconut flavored, and the term is still often used interchangeably with coconut rum. Ordering a Malibu and Sprite at a bar, for example—it’s sometimes called Malibu Caribbean coconut rum and Sprite—will result in the Malibu coconut rum being used. But Malibu now offers other flavored rums, too, from mango and lime to passion fruit, banana, strawberry, and more.

What is a good mix for Malibu coconut rum?

What can you mix with Malibu coconut rum? Almost anything! It’s delicious in a piña colada or mixed with pineapple juice. A squeeze of fresh lime is a great choice, as is your favorite sweet soda. The options for mixing Malibu coconut rum—or any great brand of coconut rum—are limited only by your imagination…and what you have in the pantry or fridge.

What juice goes with coconut rum?

Pineapple juice is the classic mixing partner for coconut rum. Still, other juice options include orange juice, cherry juice—or grenadine—grapefruit juice, mango juice, papaya juice, or any other citrus and tropical-fruit juice you can find. Coconut rum is easily one of the most versatile flavored spirits in the world.

What soda goes with coconut rum?

Sprite is a classic partner for coconut rum, but Coke or Pepsi also works beautifully. Mexican fruit sodas, like those by Jarritos, are fantastic with coconut rum, and ginger ale is a popular choice for mixing with coconut rum, too. LaCroix flavored seltzer water is an increasingly pop-ular choice for mixing with coconut rum.

What are good coconut rum drinks?

There are so many excellent coconut rum drinks. Virtually any cocktail that calls for rum can be made with coconut rum. Ex: Coconut rum piña coladas, coconut rum daiquiris, coconut “rum fashioneds” (a rum-based riff on an old fashioned), coconut rum mint juleps, coconut rum Mali-bu fizz, and many, many more.

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