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Añejo Tequila’s Time Has Arrived

Tequila is undeniably having a moment. Celebrities like George Clooney and Dwayne Johnson have their own brands, and the classic producers are as hot as ever. Within the overall category of high-end tequila, the añejo style is among the most popular. Let’s take a look at the category of añejo tequila and what sets it apart.

What are the 3 types of tequila?

The three main categories are Blanco, also often called Crystal, which are unaged tequilas that are clear in appearance. Reposado tequila is tequila that has been aged in a wood barrel for less than a year. The word means “rested,” and it refers to the “resting” that it does in the wood. They are often pale brown or tannish and golden in color. Añejo is tequila that has been aged for more than one year in a wood barrel. These tend to look more like whiskey in color, though some añejo tequila has been put through a process that renders it clear again. These aren’t terribly common, however.

What is the difference between Reposado and Añejo?

Reposado tequila tends to have a more delicate spice and character. It has been aged for a short enough time that the more vegetable and herbaceous notes of the tequila come through more than those imparted by the wood barrel itself. Añejo tequila tends to have a heavier texture on the palate and possess more overtly wood-spice notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and clove. They also often seem sweeter, even though they aren’t from a sugar-content standpoint. The next time someone asks you how is Añejo made, the quick answer is, exactly like all tequila, just with more time spent in wood barrels.

Where does Añejo come from?

Like all tequila, it must come from Mexico. The sweet spot for tequila production is around Jalisco and Guadalajara, and there are several sub-zones that produce tequilas with a unique character, some with more spice, others that are more herbal, and more. They all are sprits that are derived from the heart of the agave plant.

How do you drink Añejo?

Añejo is usually enjoyed on its own, neat, and from a tequila glass, which looks like a shorter version of a Champagne flute but with straighter sides. Some añejo tequilas are also served in rocks glasses in bars and restaurants. Añejo is also becoming more important in cocktails, and Tequila Old Fashioneds are increasingly popular.

What color is Añejo tequila?

Añejo tequila tends to look like whiskey in color and shimmers with a rich brown or caramel color in the glass. However, some añejo tequila has been put through a process that renders it clear again.

What are the best Añejo tequilas?

The best Añejo is challenging to pin down, as it’s very much a matter of personal taste. However, Casamigos, makes an excellent one,as doDon Julio, Patron, Avion, El Padrino,and Senor Rio among others.

Which is better, Patron Silver or Añejo?

Both are great tequilas that are delicious examples of their individual tequila categories. For classic tequila cocktails, the Silver is probably a better choice. For sipping on its own, Añejo is hard to beat.

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