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H Upmann Cigar

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H. Upmann by AJF Papis

H. Upmann by AJF Papis

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Nicaragua - This miniature cigar is handrolled from the finest long-filler tobaccos.It is the work of AJ Fernandez, one of the most outstanding tobacco blenders in the world. The cigar could best be described as medium to full-bodied with a sweet, balanced taste with an almond note.
H Upmann by AJF Toro

H Upmann by AJF Toro

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Cigar Aficionado-Nicaragua - "Draped in a ruddy, oily cover leaf, this cigar has an open draw that delivers primary notes of cedar, white pepper and earth with secondary touches of fruit and leather." Nicaraguan binderl Nicaraguan filler; Nicaraguan wrapper.