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The Margaret River wine region, a peninsula that hangs in the Indian Ocean along the coast of Western Australia, was known only as a surfer’s paradise until the first vines were planted there in the mid-1960s. The excellent potential of the region’s wines was quickly established, and in fewer than 50 years, the number of Margaret River winegrowers has grown from zero to more than 200.

The same qualities that make Margaret River terrific beachfront property help to create outstanding wines. Margaret River wines benefit from the Mediterranean-style climate, with its consistent moderate temperatures and dry summers. The gravelly, sandy soils drain easily, and inland rolling hills and forests protect vineyards from strong ocean winds.

The result is elegant and flavorful wines. Margaret River Cabernets were the first to win critical acclaim, and many are now blended with Merlot to achieve a graceful Bordeaux style. Chardonnay and Shiraz are among other successful Margaret River varieties.

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