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Wine Color & Appearance

Most dry white wines are slightly yellow in color, but while a white that is just released may start out exhibiting pale yellow-green hues, as it ages it will take on a deeper shade of gold, reflecting a wine that is now richer and more complex than its younger counterpart. The darker shade of a white wine indicates maturity. The colors often go from a very youthful water-white to pale yellow, moving to a lemony shade, then shades of straw and peaking at a nice golden color when they are fully mature.

The color of red wine is equally important. Young reds are frequently, but not always a bright berry red or purple. As red wine ages the color lightens, from dark purple or crimson red to brick or garnet, eventually to a brownish tinge. As the wines mature, the color change is a natural progression initially noticed on the edges of the wine the circumference of the outer edges of the wine in the glass.

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