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Bordeaux Supérieur

The Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellations cover the entire Bordeaux region and all of its famous appellations. These wines can provide a taste of Bordeaux style and elegance at exceptional values, and are a great introduction to the wines of Bordeaux.

Wines labeled Bordeaux or Bordeaux Supérieur are made from the traditional Bordeaux varieties that may have grown anywhere within Bordeaux. Compared to wines bearing the simple Bordeaux designation, Bordeaux Supérieur wines must meet more exacting production requirements for the age and yield of vines, ripeness of the grapes, alcohol levels in the finished wine and final aging. (The designation is used for red and sweet white wines only.)

Unlike many age-worthy wines from specific Bordeaux appellations, Bordeaux Supérieur wines rarely benefit from additional cellaring – they are typically at their best upon release.


[Bore-DOH soo-pay-ree-ur]

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