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Côte Chalonnaise

The Côte Chalonnaise continues the slopes of Burgundy's Cotes d’Or to the south. The grape varieties here are the same as those of the Côte d’Or – Chardonnay for white wines, Pinot Noir for reds. The soil is also similar, a mix of limestone and marl, the crumbly blend of limestone and clay. Unlike the vineyards that line the sloping hills of the Côte d’Or, however, the vineyards of the Côte Chalonnaise tend to lie in pockets between meadows and woods.

The wines of the Côte Chalonnaise are also similar to those produced to the north. They have been called the true values of Burgundy, a fraction of the price of those from the nearby and better-known Côte d’Or. The three most acclaimed appellations of Côte Chalonnaise are Rully, known for brisk white wines and lean reds, and Mercurey and Givry, for red wines.


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