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Syrah vs. Shiraz? Just two different names for the same red grape. What it’s called depends on where it is grown.

In France, where the grape has been cultivated since Roman times, it’s Syrah, appearing most frequently in wines from the Rhône region. In Australia, where it is thought to have been introduced in 1832, the nation’s signature grape is known as Shiraz.

Shiraz wine coming from Australia will typically have a New World flavor profile; reds labeled as Syrah wine (or with their French appellation, such as Hermitage, in the Northern Rhône) tend to reflect an Old World style. In other words, “The Oxford Companion to Wine” notes, when different regions grow the same varietal, “the resulting wines taste very different, with Australian versions tasting much sweeter and riper, more suggestive of chocolate than the pepper and spices often associated with Syrah in the Rhône.”



[See-RAH, Shih-RAHZ]

Recommended food pairings

Grilled meats with tomato-based barbecue sauce, steak, duck, sausages, venison, hard cheeses, mushrooms

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