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La Mancha

The enormous La Mancha DO is Spain’s, as well as Europe’s, largest designated quality-wine area, with close to half a million acres under vine in Central Spain. About three-quarters of that acreage is planted with Airén, a white grape traditionally used in Spain to make brandy.

Now newer producers are braving the prairie-like region’s baking-hot summers and brutally cold winters to develop a wide range of high-quality table wines. Excellent reds produced from Tempranillo, Monastrell (known as Mourvèdre in France) and other native grapes are now commonly exported from La Mancha, as are some crisp, fruity, aromatic white wines made with Airén and Viura varieties. Look to La Mancha for great values in modern Spanish winemaking.


[lah MAHN-chah]

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