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Albariño/ Alvarinho

The Albariño grape variety is indigenous to northwestern Spain, which is known as “Green Spain” for its lushness relative to Spain’s hot, dry, central region. Here, the cool, damp climate is ideal for making bright and zesty white wines.

Albariño is the signature grape of Spain’s Rías Baixas wine region. Within this area, Albariño wines produced closer to the ocean and its cooling influence are lean, with citrus and green apple flavors; those made in protected areas further inland can be richer, with notes of melon and stone fruits.

In Portugal, the grape is called Alvarinho, and is used to make that country’s famous white wine, Vinho Verde. Ideal for hot-weather sipping, Vinho Verde is refreshing, citrusy and sometimes slightly effervescent.



Recommended food pairings

Grilled fish and meats, lobster, octopus, chicken salad, aged cheeses

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