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Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is a hard-to-ripen grape with both high acidity and high sugar levels, which makes possible production of some of the world’s most age-worthy white wines. Styles range from dry to exceedingly sweet, with flavors and aromas of green apple, citrus, stone fruit, honey and minerals.

The Chenin Blanc variety originated in France’s Loire Valley, where it is at its most versatile, producing elegant dry table wines, magnificent dessert wines and excellent sparkling wines. Key Loire regions for Chenin Blanc include Vouvray, Savennières, Anjou-Saumur and Touraine.

Chenin Blanc is also planted widely in South Africa, where it is sometimes called Steen, and like its French counterpart, may be vinified in a variety of styles. Chenin Blanc wine is also made in California, Washington, South America, Australia and New Zealand, where it is bottled as a varietal wine or used in white blends.


[SHENN-in blonk]

Recommended food pairings

Sautéed fish (flounder, striped bass), barbecued chicken, salads, shellfish

Serving temperature


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