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Viognier, out of favor for much of the modern era, survived on a handful of acres in its native Condrieu, in France’s northern Rhône. Now Viognier wines are back in a big way, thanks to white-wine drinkers looking for interesting alternatives to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio.

The increasing popularity of Viognier sparked a renaissance for the grape in Condrieu and southern France, where winemakers use Viognier to make rich and complex full-bodied wines. In the New World, Viognier is now being planted in California, Washington, Virginia and Australia. Viognier has emerged to become a signature white wine of Virginia, where the grape thrives in warm summers, ripening fully to produce aromatic dry and off-dry wines.

Viognier wine displays a complex nose and exciting flavors that can include flowers, perfume, spice, apricot and pears. With medium to low acidity and often relatively high alcohol, Viognier is a fresh and perfumed wine when aged in stainless steel. Oak-fermented and aged Viognier maintains some delicate perfume, but also includes notes of vanilla, cream and spice.



Recommended food pairings

Roast chicken, pork, crab, roasted nuts

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