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Spanish Wine is Ready to Be Discovered

Spain is home to one of the most diverse, exciting wine cultures in Europe. And even among the best regions and producers, excellent wine is often remarkably affordable

What is Spanish wine called?

There are many different names for the wines produced in Spain. The names depend upon the region which they’re made and the grapes that they’re crafted from. In general, Spanish wine is called vino de España (wine of Spain), vino rojo (red wine), vino blanco (white wine), vino rosado (rosé wine), and vino espumoso or espumante (sparkling wine).

What is the most popular wine in Spain?

There are countless Spanish wine types produced from a massive range of indigenous Spanish wine grapes as well as international varieties, and all are worth exploring! In Spain, people tend to drink the wines from the region they live in. However, Rioja remains widely popular, as does Sherry. The reds of Ribera del Duero also have widespread appeal.

What are the wine-growing regions in Spain?

The central wine regions of Spain are Rioja, Rueda, Jerez / Sherry, Rías Baixas, Toro, Ribera del Duero, and Valdeorras. Cava (the great Spanish sparkling wine, often called Cava Champagne, though since it’s not made in the Champagne region of France, it’s not technically Champagne, but instead is a sparkling wine) is produced mainly in Catalonia but doesn’t have to be. Within each of these regions, countless sub-zones further inform the winemaking and grape-growing decisions of producers within them.

What is Spanish dry wine?

There are many delicious examples of sweet Spanish wine, but dry wines from Spain are by far the most popular and widely consumed. Most Spanish red wine is dry, as is most Spanish white wine. But as a rule, Spanish dry wine is any wine produced in Spain whose sugars have entirely or almost entirely been converted into alcohol through the process of fermentation. The most famous examples of dry Spanish wine include Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Toro, among others.

What is the best wine for sangria?

Whether you’re making red or white sangria, the best Spanish wines for sangria will typically be the ones that are the fruitiest and least tannic. Interestingly, less expensive and highly fruity wines are generally the ones that do best in sangria, and that pair most seamlessly with the fruit and other ingredients that are typically added to it. Just be careful that you don’t buy a Spanish wine with too much oak, which will tend to not work all that well alongside the sweeter flavors of the other sangria components.

What kind of wine do they drink in Spain?

In Spain, as in the rest of the world, wine-drinking decisions are typically determined by price, style, and what foods they’ll be paired with. Because of the diversity of cuisines in Spain, as well as the fantastic range of Spanish wine styles, people in Spain can choose from a remarkably broad array of wines no matter what the occasion.

What wine to drink in Spain?

If you’re traveling to Spain, our advice is to focus on the wines from whatever region you’re visiting. They will often offer the best value, and pair most appropriately with the foods of that particular region.

Is Merlot a Spanish wine?

The Merlot grape variety is most widely associated with France, particularly the Bordeaux region, as well as California. And while there are certainly wines from Spain that are produced from, or include in a blend, the Merlot grape variety, it is not an inherently Spanish grape. Still, if you love Merlot, it’s worth looking for Spanish versions of it. They can be delicious!

Is Malbec a Spanish wine?

Malbec’s ancestral homeland is France, particularly the southwestern appellation of Cahors. However, it is most famously produced in Argentina these days, where the terroir of the Mendoza region is brilliantly suited to the production of red wine from the Malbec grape variety.

What grapes are planted in Spain?

In addition to the classic international varieties—Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and more—Spain is home to many wonderful indigenous ones, too. Tempranillo is most famous, as is Garnacha (which is the same as Grenache, the name for the grape in France; there is some question as to whether it is originally from France or Spain, though it does beautifully in both countries, and others, too). Albariño, Mencia, and more are also fantastic. It is a particularly delicious project to explore the full range of grapes that are planted in Spain.

What are popular brands of Spanish wine?

There are too many popular brands of Spanish wine to count fully. However, some of the most beloved include Rondel Cava, Borrasca Cava, Magic Box Red Blend, San Gregorio, Blue, and the wines of CVNE / Cune. Your best bet is to visit your local Total Wine and ask one of our highly knowledgeable associates for advice.

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