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The Rum that Will Spice Up Any Cocktail

Spiced rum is the perfect secret ingredient when you're looking to add a dash of something special to your next mixed drink—whether it's a mojito, a rum fashioned, a daiquiri, a piña colada, or any of a thousand other rum cocktails.

What is spiced rum?

Spiced rum is a rum that has been flavored with several fruits or spices, often including cinnamon, star anise, cherries, and more. It's a highly useful component in making mixed drinks and allows you to personalize even the most tried and true classics in unique ways.

What are the different kinds of rum?

There are many different rum types. Rum is often divided into broad categories based on where it's produced (Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Barbados, the Philippines, and more), and whether or not it's aged. Beyond that, there's the issue of what kind of barrel it's been aged in and for how long. Rum is one of the broadest categories of spirits around.

Where does spiced rum come from?

It's possible to produce spiced rum anywhere in the world that rum is made. As long as the base rum is of high quality and the spicing agents (fruits and spices) are well-considered, then the resulting spiced rum has the potential to be delicious.

How is spiced rum made?

You can make your own spiced rum at home by adding spices to your favorite bottle of rum, but we would caution against adding fruit, as there are possible issues of hygiene involved when you do. Our recommendation is to purchase one of the fantastic spiced rums lining the shelves at Total Wine, which are made by either steeping the rum with fruits and spices or using extracts and other natural flavors to achieve the flavor profile that the master distiller and blender desire.

What is a good spiced rum?

So what are popular brands of spiced rum? Whether you're looking for a great bottle for spiced rum cocktails, spiced rum and Coke, spiced Captain and Coke, a spiced Cuba Libre drink, or any of a thousand other spiced rum drinks, there are many great brands of spiced rum worth considering. These include Kraken rum, Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry, Bacardi, Admiral Nelson, Blackheart rum, Oakheart rum, Blue Chair Bay Spiced rum, Black Magic rum, and many others.

How strong is spiced rum?

The alcohol content of spiced rum varies by brand. Captain Morgan is 35% abv, but Kraken can be up to 47% abv.

How do you drink spiced rum?

While spiced rum is undoubtedly delicious on its own, it shines in mixed drinks. Typically, it pairs well with slightly sweeter mixing components, and a bit of ice and a slice of citrus often completes it all. It also makes a spectacular egg nog.

How do you make spiced rum taste better?

If a particular spiced rum is a bit too spicy for you, follow the advice of Mary Poppins and add a spoonful of sugar. Not literally, of course—instead, mix in a bit of something sweet, whether it's soda, fruit juice, or coconut juice and beyond.

Is spiced rum the same as dark rum?

No. Dark rum is often used to refer to rum that's been aged in a barrel, which lends it a darker color than white rum, which is un-aged. And while spiced rum is often darker in color, that doesn't mean that all dark rum is spiced.

Is spiced rum sweet?

As with all flavored spirits, it comes down to the particular brand you're talking about; Captain Morgan tends to be fairly sweet, whereas Kraken leans in a more savory direction, though it certainly has a hint of sweetness, too. Taste as widely as you can.

What can I mix with spiced rum besides Coke?

In general, spiced rum mixes well with other sodas, too, including Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, various brands of ginger ale (though some people may find that combination to be a bit too spicy), fruit juices, and flavored seltzer waters. Ice often allows the rum and the mixing component to blend beautifully.

What is in Captain Morgan's spiced rum?

The exact ingredients in Captain Morgan Spiced Rum are a closely guarded secret, but tasters often find notes of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and other warming spices.

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