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Côte-Rotie and Cornas wines are among the most sought-after of the Northern Rhone. Rich and complex, these are wines that offer robust character with classic dark berry and earthy flavors.

The Côte-Rotie – the "roasted slope" – is aptly named for the steep, south-facing hillsides where vines are grown along narrow terraces. Hot summers, full sun and drying winds help produce healthy and ripe grapes here. The Côte-Rotie appellation is at the northern tip of the Rhône region.

Further south is Cornas, another small appellation that, like Côte-Rotie, has become more crowded with winemakers as new technology and investment made farming the steep slopes feasible.

Syrah dominates as the red grape used to produce the full-bodied and concentrated wines of these Northern Rhone regions. In Côte-Rotie, Syrah may be blended with a small amount of white Viognier, which lightens and adds floral aromatics to the blend without lessening its traditional intensity. These powerful reds pair well with hearty red meats and strong cheeses.


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Recommended food pairings

Hearty red meats, strong cheeses

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